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What can you do at CHINA HALL?

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The office is a China hall has been used for multiple events. We are open to unique activities such as art exhibits, podcasts, networking events, and more. If you are looking for a place for a photo shoot, the combination of colors and historic feel can really add to the dynamics of a professional photo shoot or just getting together with friends to create some awesome Instagram content. Our podcast setup allows for multiple people to be on one individual podcast. This can also be distributed on Facebook or YouTube live. For networking we have a full kitchen set up with an extremely high tech fridge to make it interesting. With our location it allows for events to continue after the networking at a local pub or restaurant. If you’re looking to do a morning networking event we have access to great coffee establishments nearby that make it very convenient to get everybody started on the right foot in the morning. In the past we have been approached by several artist looking to do exhibits for a night, a week, or even to display art for a longer period of time. We are more than open to this type of activity as we strongly believe the more people that come and see the offices at china Hall the better it is for our members and the better it is for our community. If you are looking to have a professional conference room for a sales pitch, team meeting, or just a place to get away from the normal conference room you are used to we have the space for you.  If you need a room just to get away from the action of your home or other people that you work around on a daily basis or even your classroom we have offices that you can occupy by the hour allowing you to get that mental separation and quietness that you need. Contact the team at offices of China Hall today and we would be happy to hear your ideas for any other type of events you may have or activities you would like to have within the space!

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