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China Hall Story

You may ask yourself why our business is called China Hall..... Where our business is located, once was a locally owned store that sold fine china to people in the community. This history had us excited to bring back to life a unique name that often gets people to scratch their head.

A Little Bit About Our Space

Several years ago we had the opportunity to meet the building owner as he was looking to try to find a way to activate the second floor of this downtown historic building. Through many conversations ideas and drawings we ultimately decided the investment was best spent in reactivating the space with an existing floor plan that once was use for individual offices similar to how we intend to use it today. You will notice throughout the entire space we kept the charm of the large base trim the hardwood doors and the hardwood floors. On several of the doors you can still see letters of other businesses that occupied each individual office back in the 1950's. We believe the last time the space was occupied was the 1950's and several businesses operated out of individual offices such as a beauty store a financial advisor and others. When looking at the floor plan we saw that individual offices were in high demand and we felt that in marketing to small businesses we could encourage them to be a part of the ever-growing downtown landscape. During the construction we came up with a very open floor plan right when you come up the stairs. This allows for private events open networking and a good place to pour coffee. As we have started to show the space people have enjoyed the many windows that were all replaced love the modern yet eclectic feel and been excited for the conversations that are being had about entrepreneurship marketing and growing each other‘s businesses. We are hopeful that the offices of China Hall becomes a place known for start ups and successful entrepreneurs looking to grow and be a part of a successful community. Thank you to the team that helped us with that construction we were fortunate to bring brand new services including plumbing electrical and HVAC to the space that has made it very functional.

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